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Great travel opportunity for teachers and peace leaders!


Posted by admin on May 5, 2016 19:18:00 No Comments

If you are interested in peace at the local and global level, the Euphrates Institute invites you to join us on a trip to Israel and Palestine this fall! It’s an amazing opportunity to learn first-hand about the underlying causes of conflict and meet with peacebuilders who are making a difference in the region every day. People say it’s incredibly informative, inspiring, and transformative! As one participant shared, “In listening, linking, and learning…we immersed ourselves in this amazing land of people, cultures, and stories that all carry significance. We put our hands in our brothers’ and we are walking towards a future of peace and understanding.” The trip dates are September 12-26 with an optional extension in Jordan from September 26-30, and the deadline to apply is June 1st. For more information about the trip, please visit the following link:

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