Who We Support

Peace Tree Ambassadors Create, Educate, Celebrate and Donate!

Peace Tree Ambassadors work hard all year planning, preparing and organizing their Peace Tree Concert and Peace Tree Workshops for Peace Tree Day in order to spread peace, celebrate diversity and help children around the world less fortunate.

During meetings in their Peace Tree Clubs, Peace Tree Ambassadors discuss issues that are affecting children around the world and how they can help. Then they research and select one or more charities that are dedicated to assisting children around the world in the following areas…

  • send children to school
  • nourishment for children
  • vaccines for children
  • school supplies
  • medication for children
  • provide clean water for villages
  • stop violence against children and women
  • stop bullying

Peace Tree Ambassadors are passionate about supporting children less fortunate around the world through their skills and talent and have supported many charitable organizations including…

  • UNICEF Canada
  • War Child Canada
  • Free the Children
  • Pennies for Peace

At the 10th Peace Tree Day festival, the Toronto Peace Tree Ambassadors also supported the following charities…

  • Malala Fund
  • Because I Am a Girl
  • Red Cross (Nepal Earthquake)
  • He for She

Celebrate Peace Tree Day in your school this June!