Create a Peace Tree Mehndi Stand!



There are so many great causes to help in the world, but how can we create a really successful fundraiser to help children less fortunate around the world? Set up a Peace Tree Mehndi Stand! It’s easy and it’s so much fun!

What is Mehndi?


Mehndi is an ancient art form that originated in India and has travelled to many other countries around the world. Mehndi is created from henna which comes from the henna plant. Originally mehndi designs were applied to ‘waken the inner light.’ Nowadays mehndi is applied during weddings, festivals and special occasions. Many mehndi symbols have meaning and symbolism.

Flowerssymbols of joy and happiness

Vines and leavessymbol of devotion

Lotus flowersymbols of grace and purity

How to Get Started!


Through your school’s Peace Tree Club/Committee you can inspire the Art Directors to design it, create it and promote it! Then put out a call for kids who love art and give them a mehndi cone to see how many peace symbols they can draw with a touch of mehndi.

How Much?


Conduct a survey and decide on the price to charge per peace symbol, but keep in mind that you will have to deduct the cost of the mehndi cones from the amount you charge, so you can still make a profit to donate to the charity of your choice!

Pick a Date

So, pick a date, location and a time to set up your mehndi stand and get ready to help children around the world have a better life!

Spread the Word…

Now you’re ready to spread the word, so ask the Art Department in your Peace Tree Club/Committee if they can design posters while those students who are strong in drama and speaking can write and share announcements leading up to the day of your Mehndi Fundraiser.

Where to Buy Your Mehndi Cones

The best place to pick up your mehndi cones is in Indian stores and if you don’t have an Indian store in your city, you can get them online!

Decide Who to Support…

There are so many important causes and charities like the Malala Fund, War Child Canada, UNICEF, Because I am a Girl, Free the Children and He for She to name a few. So which charity will you select? If you select UNICEF, then every $75 you raise, helps you send a child to school! On Peace Tree Day 2014, the Toronto Peace Tree Ambassadors sent 10 children to school through their celebration and the Peace Tree Mehndhi booth was a major attraction! You can set up a chart to show every time you raise another $75 and send another child to school! It’s a great feeling knowing you’re helping a child have an education and a better life!