Create a Peace Tree Stand

A Simple Way to Celebrate Peace Tree Day

On June 1, 2007, a group of kindergarten students created the first Peace Tree Stand and raised $500.00 worth of medication for children in Africa through Free the Children.

So, what exactly is a Peace Tree Stand? It is similar to a lemonade stand, but instead of only selling lemonade, children learn about the variety of delicious drinks made around the world, like green tea from China, jeera pani from India, Aqua de Canela (Cinnamon Tea) from Bolivia, Spris (layered juice) from Ethiopia or homemade Tamarin Pop from Costa Rica. Find more great recipes at There are also some wonderful recipes for drinks in the book, ‘Cooking for Kids, Favourite Foods from Around the World’, by UNICEF Canada.

Peace Tree Ambassadors should create a very innovative Peace Tree Stand decorated with ornaments from around the world. Ambassadors should also make posters and write announcements to inform other students and the community about their Peace Tree Stand and let everyone know which children’s charity you will be raising funds for. You can also taste test candies from different cultures and see which ones you would like to sell at your Peace Tree Stand.

How to Make the Peace Tree Stand More Fun for Everyone…
  • Make sure to dress up in clothes from your culture or borrow someone clothes from your friend’s culture.
  • Create handouts of the recipes to distribute at your Peace Tree Stand.
  • Make sure you know how to demonstrate the recipe in front of your customers.
  • Play music from different cultures at your Peace Tree Stand.
  • Don’t forget to create a Peace Tree at the Peace Tree Stand. As students drop by, they can learn about the different symbols on The Peace Tree, colour the stencils and place them on the Peace Tree.

The Peace Tree Stand is a great initiative to create anytime of the year and is an amazing way to help children less fortunate around the world!