Peace Tree Spirit Award!


The Peace Tree Spirit Award is given to a group of students or an individual who has made a significant difference in their school or community by creating an inclusive , diverse and equitable school environment through the Peace Tree Spirit!

In 2010, Taranum Khan, Altaf Habib, Ayaz Khan and Mohd. Mushahid Khan received the Peace Tree Spirit Award at the 5th year anniversary of Peace Tree Day in Toronto for spearheading the first Peace Tree Day celebration in Jammu/Kashmir, India. The Jammu/Kashmir Peace Tree Ambassadors were very inspired by the message of the Peace Tree Spirit and shared it with their college and school in Jammu where the students created peace and celebrated diversity for the entire campus and the school. Taranum and her family were able to attend the Peace Tree Day festival in Toronto to receive the award.

Taranum, Altaf, Ayaz and Mohd. Mushahid continue to be passionate Peace Tree Ambassadors who continue to share the Peace Tree Spirit and Peace Tree Day in their community in order to inspire young people to create a peaceful, respectful world where diversity is celebrated and embraced.