Peace Tree Day 2019

In June, the Toronto Peace Tree Ambassadors gathered at Amica Seniors Home to celebrate Peace Tree Day 2019 with the residents.

Alyna, the MC for the day, shared the purpose of the Peace Tree Spirit and welcomed all of the seniors to the celebration of peace, diversity, equity and unity. Priyana kicked off the event with her original song 'Out of Place' from her debut EP, which focuses on mental health issues. Six year old Antalya and Alba shared a wonderful yoga workshop with the seniors that inspired the elderly to actively engage in this ancient practice of meditation, movement and spirituality from India.

Next, Talina, author of 'Path to Productivity', introduced the seniors to develop their skills in organization in order to achieve their goals in their later stage of life. Seven year old Avi read the brilliant book Gandhi’s Glasses written and illustrated by the students in the Toronto District School Board, an exceptional story that enlightens audiences to the importance of equity and inclusion.

To conclude the day, Alyna shared a magical fusion Kathak workshop that engaged the seniors to participate in various hand gestures reflecting the lotus flower and other symbols from nature through dance.

Donations were contributed to Red Cross. The seniors were delighted by the children's presentations and developed a greater understanding of the value of diversity through the spirit of children and youth.